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The Soldier's Christmas

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Forget Me Not

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Cadence -- Melissa Lynn Blue


When murder suspect Cadence Jamison disguises herself as a boy and stows aboard the Heavenly Mistress Captain Curtis Langston may find his two past occasions for rescuing her more than he bargained for. 

Bitter  and Cynical after service in the Confederate Army, Curtis believes himself no more deserving of another’s love than capable of returning it.  Content to drift through life free of emotional and therefore romantic complications the once carefree and mischievous rogue may be forever gone.  But when Cadence appears in his life Curtis finds himself smiling again, smiling and dreaming and feeling more like himself than he has in five years.  Drawn with almost unnatural force to the sweet and innocent goodness Cadence offers, Curtis blunders again and again to resist the pull of what a life with her couldbe.  

Can Cadence show this wounded soul how to love again?  Or is he doomed to be forever unforgiven, haunted by the ghosts of his past?


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Cadence didn’t know what her next move should be. Curtis had gone from plying her with his kisses to shouting demands and downing shots in the space of minutes. Dare she trust him? Dare she put her very life into his hands? “Curtis,” her voice was remarkably steady, “I cannot tell you everything now, but once we reach Europe I swear you will never see me again.”

Never see her again? Is that what he wanted? It was a crushing blow to think of never seeing her again, surprisingly so. For a moment he felt terribly off balance. “Cadence,” he reached for her, but she cringed away, turning her back with finality.

He murmured her name a second time and it was her undoing. There was no anger or malice in his voice, but moreover there was something pleading, almost broken in his tone. She turned at the door.

“I’m so sorry, Curtis.” Briefly their eyes locked and it was sheer magnetism. In an instant he was across the room, and she was in his arms, and he was kissing her. And she was kissing him back.

Who were they to deny the forces of nature?

Her lips parted, his tongue found hers and had she been able to breathe she would have moaned. One arm circled the small of her back fitting her flawlessly against him while the other dipped beneath her knees. She may well have been floating as he cradled her against the warmth of his chest. Even through the heavy woolen sweater she could feel the well honed muscles and the memory of him glistening and naked in the lantern light scattered her senses.

Suddenly she was on the bed, and he was on top of her, and their clothes were falling with alarming speed to the floor. She had no idea what she was doing but where she lacked in experience her body made up for in instinct. Without a conscious thought she responded to every touch and kiss and caress. Somehow in the depths of her soul she knewthis was where she was meant to be. And she was lost, doomed to be his for eternity. He tasted of whiskey and it burned upon her lips. His broad hand clasped her hip pulling her more snuggly beneath him.



Angel And The Unforgiven was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I had to learn what haunted Curtis and if he and Cadence would find their happy ending. Fans of historical romance will want to pick up a copy today. Long and Short Romance Reviews Reviewed by Poinsettia - 4 books