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The Soldier's Christmas

Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

Sold for a title by her social climbing father, Lydia has one chance to run away with love.

Lydia Covington has adored Irishman Brian Donnelly for years, but he is a retired soldier with no connections—hardly a suitable choice for the daughter of Britain's next Prime Minister. To make matters worse, she is engaged to the slovenly Viscount Northbridge, a man she can barely tolerate let alone love.

Brian vowed long ago to be satisfied in a life without love. Orphaned at the age of two, he knows well how fragile life can be. However, four years ago he took one glance at the beautiful Lydia, and the one thing he swore would never happen did—he fell hopelessly in love.

After witnessing a brutal murder, Lydia and Brian are kidnapped and whisked to the north of England by crime lord Felix Keith. Narrowly escaping certain death, the two race through the countryside, evading ruthless pursuers and untangling a web of lies and deception.

Despite Brian's attraction, his goal is focused—to see Lydia safely home to her father and betrothed. She, however, is only too content to stay lost, tripping through the countryside with her handsome Irish protector. As their bond grows, can Lydia convince this wounded soul to take the ultimate chance on love before it's too late? Or will Brian retreat and close his heart to the one woman who could change his life forever?

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“Quiet, girl, I don’t have any apples now, but I’ll get one later. I promise.”  Hands shaking, Lydia saddled her mount, and surreptitiously led Lady Jane into the aisle.

The low hum of voices drifted down from the loft. Heart in her throat, Lydia jumped straight up in the air, yanked on the horse’s bridle and half-dragged the mare from the barn. She could not be caught now.

In the yard Lydia kept her back to the wedding pavilion, her father would be devastated on the morrow, but for once she was making a decision on her own… for herself. How often had Sir William lectured on the importance of “creating opportunities for oneself”?

She palmed the reins, turned the stirrup out and lifted her leg to mount.

A dark shadow grazed her peripheral vision a split second before the solid weight of a man plunged headlong into her, bearing her brutally to the unforgiving ground. “Ouff!”  The wind rushed from her lungs. Her head swam and for a moment separating the stars spattered across the heavens from the stars floating before her eyes was impossible.

 “Just what is this all about, boy?”  The man pinned her hands above her head. “Lookin’ to steal Sir William’s horse are ye?”

Lydia blinked, once, twice, trying to halt the world spinning around her. For a moment she lay stunned, staring up at her attacker. The breath froze in her throat. Lying on top of her was the vision of her dark knight. The very soldier she’d danced with and dreamt of for four years thereafter. Brian Donnelly. He may well have stepped from a page in her sketchbook. His wildly curling hair shone black in the dim light of the night, his dark brow furrowed over glistening pale eyes, and—

“What the hell?”  Brian’s gaze raked critically over her face. He reached up to snatch the tweed cap from her head. Disbelief washed over his features. “Miss Covington?”

Not even a flicker of the man she’d known four years ago touched his eyes. Her heart, the whole of her soul, ached. “Yes,” she spat, at last regaining her voice. “Now kindly get off of me. It’s rather difficult to breath.”  Lydia couldn’t be sure if the difficulty stemmed from his bulk or the overpowering thrill of his presence.



FIVE STARS - Author, Marie Higgins
Never have I read a book and within the first chapter, fallen so madly in love with the hero that I wanted to be heroine so bad I could taste it! And never have I read about an Irishman and wanted him for myself. But Ms. Blue made me fall head over heels for her hero in "Forget Me Not". Brian is such a charming, sexy man who loves Lydia - and has loved her for a few years now. Lydia is the troubled heroine who knows her family wants her to wed a man she cannot stand. It isn't until she witnesses a murder when she and Brian are thrown together on a chase acorss England's countryside when Lydia realizes Brian is the man she's always wanted. Yet because of her station in life - and Brian's poor upbringing, she knows going with her heart will not be easy.

Ms. Blue's writing is AMAZING! And her story will pull you in and have the reader connect with the characters...living their lives along the way. It's a wonderful read. A MUST read for anyone who likes historical romances!!! I HIGHLY recommend this book!